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oo.guru is connecting, empowering, and inspiring underrepresented tech talent worldwide. We kick-started our journey in Europe to help close the diversity gap, let’s continue spreading our wings and find your next-gen of executive leaders in tech

By improving diversity, companies can gain access to a wider range of views, enhancing the likelihood of identifying opportunities and exploring solutions. 


    Gain competitive advantage through talent diversity.

    Diversity matters

    By understanding the business case for diversity, recruiters can be confident that recruiting a more diverse workforce at every level will ultimately result in improved company performance.

    Employers are increasingly recognising the business case for improving the level of diversity and inclusion within their workforce. Recruiting professionals from a range of backgrounds at all levels of seniority, businesses gain access to a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives. Businesses with staff from a broad range of backgrounds have been found to outperform firms with a less diverse workforce.

    • Too many companies are still unprepared for the growing need to increase diversity. oo.guru, a talent search firm, is committed to improving diversity in the workforce by finding the best-fit candidates and promoting an environment of equality and inclusion.

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    GET BETTER RESULTS BY improving diversity

    What you will get

    Improved diversity and inclusion sends a powerful message of inclusiveness to all employees and improves an organization’s reputation.

    Learn about ways of recruiting through new, innovative and aggressive tools, such as social media sourced job boards and AI candidate selection platforms.